Our Mission

The mission of Bell Creek Academy Middle School is to provide students with a challenging program which emphasizes scientific inquiry, critical thinking, understanding of mathematical concepts and effective communication using innovative, reform-based instructional methods in a stimulating and nurturing environment that fosters maximum student achievement.

The mission of Bell Creek Academy High School is to provide students with a well-rounded college preparatory and career exploration high school education, through a challenging academic program supported by technology, on-site learning experiences via local business and the opportunity to tie classroom learning with the real world of work.

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What Others Are Saying

Bell Creek is the perfect school for students needing a more engaging, hands-on and rigorous curriculum than a traditional public school can provide. There is a great emphasis on student-based lerning centers and interactive critical thinking. BCATeacher

Testimonial 2
As a teacher, I enjoy teaching what is best for my students. Lessons are data driven and cater to individual students. BCATeacher

This is the school if you are looking for an advanced, college-prep curriculum for your child. My daughter has excelled!
BCA Parent

The teachers and administration go above and beyond the daily requirements to see that the children are learning at the highest level possible and actively engages in every step in the process.
Testimonial 5
I love when my kids leave the house in the morning, I know they are entering a safe school with stellar academics. I know my kids are ensured an education of only the highest quality at Bell Creek. BCAParent
We love this school. Our teachers tell us to be the best that we can be. We feel honored to be part of this amazing school. BCAStudents