Grades 9-12

One goal of the Cambridge Program is to develop the ability to think critically, to research and to analyze different points of view while communicating ideas clearly. 

This research project is an intentional and meaningful way to engage students in being reflective thinkers and consider alternative perspectives. It will enable students to learn to look at issues through alternative lenses to generate ideas and understand topics from different vantage points.

Choose an event that has had an impact on American culture in some way.  This event can be historical, political, social, a sporting event, or can involve popular culture.  Research this event using primary and secondary source materials that have been generated outside of the United States.  This material can be found in sources including, but not limited to, global magazines and newspapers (online or print), textbooks published outside of the U.S., foreign blogs or journals, global television programming and movies.  Using this information, create a deliverable that will present your chosen event from the lens of someone outside of the United States highlighting the difference in perspective on the same event.

Project Guidelines:

  • Cite your research appropriately; include with your final project.
  • Give a brief background of your selected event and your chosen perspective.
  • Submit your work to Cambridge teacher upon return to school in the fall.

Select a deliverable from the following choice boards:

Digital Presentation

Use a Power Point or Digital tool of your choice to present your research. Creativity and organization are encouraged.


Create a poster including all necessary information about your selected person and traits. Information must be legible (can be typed) and include pictures. Creativity and organization are encouraged.

Traditional Essay

Use your research and writing skills to write a paper where you provide the information to answer the prompt.


Create a scrapbook that takes your audience through the life of the person you are studying that includes pictures.


Create a digital audio file where you discuss your research.  Be creative when considering your audience and tone in the podcast.  Podcasts should be at least 5 minutes long.


Create the script where you exemplify the attributes in your chosen person through a fictional interview with your person. This can be presented in written or audio/visual form.


Organize and record a video detailing your presentation about your selected person. Videos should be at least 5 minutes long.


Imagine you are that person. As that person, think of what you would do on a typical day. Write diary or journal entries about your days as the person. Make sure to include examples of the attributes.

News Article

Write a newspaper article about the American event from a perspective outside of the U.S.