Dual Enrollment

Bell Creek Academy is partnered with Hillsborough Community College to provide college level courses to high school students to advance their academic career. Dual enrollment is free for the student. It is a great opportunity for students to start building their college GPA and crossing off courses for their associate degree requirements. Additionally, dual enrollment provides an acclimation for students transferring from the high school to college environment. Dual enrollment students can attend HCC events, clubs and have access to the same services a traditional student would.

  • Who qualifies for Dual Enrollment?

o   Students with a 3.0 GPA unweighted

o   Meets required test scores from the PERT, ACT or SAT exam (cannot be more than 2 years old)

PERT: 106 Reading, 103 Writing, 123 Math

SAT: 440 Critical Reading/Verbal, 440 Math

ACT: 17 English, 19 Reading, 21 Math

o   Students that receive a “C” in a dual enrollment course can be denied further course registration. This is to protect the student from starting off their college career with a low GPA.

o   Students that are struggling with traditional high school courses can be denied further course registration. This is to ensure the focus on graduating high school takes priority over attending a college course.

  • How many Dual Enrollment courses can a student take?

o   9th/10th grade students can take up to 3 credits (one course) a semester

o   11th/12th grade students may take up to 9 credits (three courses) a semester

  • 11th/12 grade students with transportation can leave campus for 4th/8th period based on Dual Enrollment schedule to complete course work. If student does not have transportation, a 4th/8th period will be scheduled for them at Bell Creek
  • Courses must be needed for the AA degree
  • Steps to Enroll:

o   Meet eligibility requirements stated above

o   Complete the Dual Enrollment application on the HCC website

o   Meet with HCC advisor to get referral for PERT exam if you have not taken the SAT or ACT

o   Submit paperwork on HCC portal

o   Once approved the student can register for courses with the CAP advisor

It is required to meet with the CAP advisor to register each semester

It is the student’s responsibility to meet the deadlines to register and complete needed steps for enrollment at HCC  Dual Enrollment and Early Admissions | HCC (hccfl.edu)

Please contact Bell Creek Academy College and Career Counselor Mrs. Bonner with any questions

 cbonner@charterk12.com or (813)793-6075 ext. 4423