1. How do I get my child’s snapcode to complete the Student Registration Process?

You will receive an email from InfoSnap containing your snapcode. You will receive one per student.

Only those students who have been offered and have accepted their seat at the school, will receive a

snapcode email.

2. What information will be included in the Student Registration Form?

The Student Registration Form will contain the student’s information including date of birth,

residential address, home phone number, race and ethnicity information, previous school

information, allergies and other relevant medical history, as well as parent and emergency contact

information. You will be able to upload additional documents such as Home Language Survey,

Immunization and Health forms and proof of address. For a list of required documents please refer

to question #9.

3. When do I have to submit the Student Registration Form?

The Student Registration Form must be submitted within ten (10) days of the receipt of the

snapcode email. If the form is not submitted on a timely manner, the seat will automatically be

rescinded and the offer will be made to the next student on the waitlist for that grade level.

4. What happens if I am locked out of the form?

Please contact the school directly.

5. What if I do not have all the required documents, such as Immunization forms?

If you are unable to upload the documents at the registration process, you will need to turn them

into the school directly. Registration will be incomplete until the school has received all the required

documents. Once the form has been started but not submitted, you can upload the documents by

logging back into your account. Once you press SUBMIT you will not be able to upload documents

or edit any information on the form.

6. What if I have more than one student in the school? Do I need to do this for each child?

Yes, you will need to provide information specific for each child. We recommend that you submit

one Student Registration Form and then start another – this will allow you to “snap over” shared

family information, which will save you time.

7. What if I make a mistake?

You will have the opportunity to review all the information prior to clicking SUBMIT. You can also

click “<Prev” to return to a previous page. Once the form has been submitted, you must contact the

school directly.

8. Will I be able to print the Student Registration Form for my records?

Yes, you will be able to print you Student Registration Form from the Confirmation page as well as

by logging into your account.

9. Do I have to submit additional documents?

Yes, you will need to submit additional required documents necessary to complete your Student’s

Registration process. You can upload them directly to the form before submitting. Below is a table

with all the required documents.

Current County Public or Charter School Students

Upcoming Kindergarten, Private School or Out of County Students


Report Card

Report Card

Not required for incoming Kindergarten


Parent Florida Driver’s License or Picture ID

Parent Florida Driver’s License or Picture ID

Registering Parent

Health Immunization Form DH 680

Health Immunization Form DH 680


School Entry Health Exam Form DH 3040

School Entry Health Exam Form DH 3040


Proof of Address

2 forms:

1 Must be a Deed, Lease, Rental Agreement

Copy of Birth Certificate

Home Language Survey

Home Language Survey

Included in the form to download and upload. Please be aware that if you answer YES to any of the questions, your student will be tested for English Proficiency.

10. Does this mean I am accepted?

No. Official Acceptance letters/emails will be sent after careful review of all the documents.